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Sometimes in the back part of the upper jaw it may be necessary to perform what is referred to as a: sinus lift procedure. This is required when the maxillary sinus extends downward toward the crest of the upper jaw bone – meaning there may be inadequate vertical bone height to place a dental implant.


Dr. Oliver holds a Masters Degree in Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology – following completion of a full-time 3 year training program at the University of Melbourne. Our clinic has broad experience in the diagnosis and management of pathology of the head and neck region.

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Disorders of the TMJ can involve the soft tissue and / or hard tissue component of the joint. The soft tissue components include: the masticatory (chewing muscles), various ligaments, the disc – made of cartilage - that sits between the opposing bones of the joint: the glenoid fossa above and the mandibular condyle below.

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This surgery can often be carried out under local anesthesia with or without intravenous “twilight” sedation (relaxed though not fully asleep) – here at our Clinic.

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A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made out of: titanium (85%) and zirconium (15%). It is completely biocompatible within the human body and forms a direct bond to your natural bone.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that facial trauma occurs commonly within our community. The causes of such injuries include: motor vehicle accidents, sports-related trauma and interpersonal violence.

One of the most satisfying aspects of the work provided at our Clinic involves the care of patients with dentofacial deformities.
Such treatment is required when a patient's bite problem is so significant that orthodontic treatment alone ("braces") can not rectify the situation

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