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Treatments Offered by the

Practice Include:

a. Removal of third molar teeth (“wisdom teeth”) and other difficult tooth extractions.

b. Removal of teeth in the medically compromised patient that may require hospital admission.

c. Exposure of unerupted canines (“eye teeth”) for orthodontic treatment.

d. Treatment of both benign and malignant conditions of the oral soft tissues and jaw bones.

e. Dental implant surgery including:

       - bone grafting when indicated and

       - sinus lift surgery

f. Treatment of fractures of the facial skeleton.

g. Provision of medical reports and second opinions regarding treatment plans created by other service providers.

h. Orthognathic (“jaw”) surgery to correct skeletal disorders of the face and return the occlusion (“bite”) to normal.

i. Surgical and Non-Surgical treatment of temporomandibular (“jaw”) joint disorders.

j. Preprosthetic surgery to provide optimal oral conditions for denture construction and function.

k. Facial rejuvenation including the use of state-of-the-art bio materials to restore a more youthful and harmonious facial form and complexion.