A Word on Fees

As registered specialists we are entitled to claim a Medicare Schedule fee for the majority of the services we provide. In many instances this Medicare Schedule fee will be the total cost of the procedure – meaning no out of pocket cost to the patient.

In some instances, where there is a: “gap” between what we charge for a service and what the patient receives from Medicare, it is often the case that a patient’s private health fund will cover this gap cost for the patient. Our staff will be able to advise you on such matters on the day of your consultation.

My fees are competitive and – if necessary – we can give you some advice regarding a variety of financial support systems aimed at helping you get your treatment completed in a timely manner.

Rest assured, we take great care in providing detailed quotes that clearly explain the service being provided, the cost of this service and the item numbers you will need to present to your Health Insurance provider – you will need to clarify what your entitlements are with your health fund.

Our goal is to ensure total clarity regarding costs. We take your treatment and your financial concerns seriously.