Same Day Surgery / Country Patients

Same Day Surgery

In order to help reduce traveling time ( > 50km from CBD) we are pleased to provide: SAME DAY CONSULT AND SURGERY. To assist us in coordinating this treatment, please complete the SAME DAY SURGERY/CONSULT FORM and email back to us at:

Download Same Day Surgery Form

Same Day Consult/Surgery Online Form


To enable your surgeon to assess if you are a suitable candidate for Same Day Consult and Surgery you are required to complete this form and forward to our office with your Referral and X-ray. Please ensure you provide a home number and/or mobile number on this form.

Once received, Dr. Oliver will review your referral and x-ray and determine whether your surgery needs to be performed in a private hospital or under local anesthetic. You will then be contacted by a Patient Liaison Officer to advise you of the preferred treatment plan and an estimate of fees.


Surgeon's fees and payable the day before surgery.

Anaesthetist fees are payable a few days prior to your surgery.

Hospital fees are payable on the day of surgery.


You must attend with a carer as you will not be able to drive after your surgery

Fasting Treatment Plan

Our team will give you fasting instructions when your surgery is booked. We will schedule either a telephone conference or video conference (Skype/Zoom/FaceTime) with Dr. Oliver.