Point Perpendicular Lighthouse

Point Perpendicular Light

Point Perpendicular Light is a lighthouse located on Point Perpendicular, a point at the southern tip of the Beecroft Peninsula, in New South Wales, Australia. It marks and the northern entrance to Jervis Bay.

The historic lighthouse was active from 1889 to 1993 and is still present, though its future is unclear. It is believed to be the first lighthouse in New South Wales which was built of precast concrete blocks. The light was replaced in 1993 with a skeletal tower which is active.

Point Perpendicular Lighthouse was built to replace Cape St George Lighthouse which was inadequately located on the southern entrance to Jervis Bay, a fact which was apparent since its construction in 1860.

Suggested places for replacing the light were on Bowen Island or Crocodile Head. Point Perpendicular was chosen in September 1883 by Colonial Architect James Barnet and Captain Francis Hixson of the Marine Board.